The 5 most common mistakes made by lottery winners

Winning the lottery is the dream of all players who hope for a better life. However, to avoid this joy turning into disillusionment, it is best to avoid some of the mistakes that most winners tend to make.

Choose a single payment

You've just checked the latest lottery results and won a nice little fortune? The worst thing you can do is to ask for a one-off payment! This is strongly discouraged by all experts, especially as it is the shortest route to squandering the entire sum. By choosing to pay in instalments, you give yourself time to get used to your new millionaire status and take your time before spending it all!


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Misjudge the amount earned

You have bought an online lottery ticket and won? That's fine, but there's nothing more disappointing than receiving less than you expected when you found out you'd won the lottery. In Belgium, lottery winnings are tax-free, but other countries impose a wealth tax. What you need to consider before you get excited.

Please also note that in the event of more than one winner, there will be a tie.

Losing lucidity

Do you like to play Lotto 5/90 Chance 5 online and have pocketed a real fortune in this game? Be careful not to go crazy!

It often happens that one loses his mind when seeing so many millions appearing as if by magic, without having made the slightest effort to obtain them! As a result, decisions can sometimes be made unreflectively, on the spur of the moment.

This is a fatal mistake that traps most people who win the lottery! To prevent this from happening to you, seek advice from a financial advisor on how to manage your assets sensibly!
You also need to learn how to play the lottery responsibly to know how to stop, even when you win!

Choosing the wrong friends

When someone becomes a millionaire overnight, they want to change their circle of friends and enter the world of the rich! But while you're busy making new conquests, you may run into interested people who are only after your money or are too snobby to see the person you really are.

Change your life

This leads us to the last mistake you can make as a new millionaire and it concerns the urge to question everything. It is understandable that people want to improve their lives, but they do not have to do everything at once! Big cars, luxury villas, fashionable clothes or even planes and yachts can wait a little while until you get over the euphoria stage!

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