TOP 5 places in Africa to visit when you win the lottery

Have you recently won the jackpot in a lottery game and are you looking forward to a long journey of adventure and discovery? Why not visit Africa? To find out more about the best places to visit on the dark continent, read our article in which we tell you all about this true wonder of the world!

The Egyptian Pyramids

Anyone who has ever visited Africa will tell you that Egypt is an absolutely beautiful country that is a must-see when you visit Africa. And the most admired place by tourists in this country is certainly its sublime and mysterious pyramids where the ancient kings and queens and many personalities of ancient Egypt are buried.

Take your loved one to this magical place and make her experience the most beautiful moments of her life. It is an ideal destination for a second honeymoon! Please check the latest lotto result to see if you have won the jackpot that would allow you to fly to this exciting continent.


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The Egyptian Museum

Do you want to know more about Egypt and its history? Take time to visit its famous museum in the capital's Tahrir Square. In this space, you will have the chance to learn more about ancient Egypt through more than 12,000 objects from this fantastic period. You will see statues, weapons, sarcophagi, vases, and much more.

The two floors of the museum house some very interesting exhibits, such as the royal mummies. Be sure to show them to your children if you are traveling with your family. It will be a very rewarding experience for them. If you want to win the lottery, buy a lotto ticket online and try your luck!

The Namib Desert

After Egypt, Namibia invites you on a grand tour of its world-famous desert, which covers an area of 80,900 km2 in the southeast. It is also a UNESCO World Heritage Site as the oldest desert in the world.
Famous for its magnetic aura and impressive natural resources such as diamonds, uranium, minerals, and more, it is sure to dazzle you. Do you want to be part of this journey? Check out how to play the Mega Jackpot and get started!

Mount Cameroon

You cannot claim to know Africa well if you have never been to Cameroon. It is one of the most visited countries in this part of the world because it contains some quite exceptional sites such as Mount Cameroon, also known as Mount Fako or Char of the Gods. Ranked as the second highest peak in Africa, it reaches 4090 meters and is considered to be the most active volcano in the western region with 9 eruptions during the 20th century. It's an opportunity to see Africa from a new perspective and make the most of your little African getaway. It would be nice to take a day or two to get a closer look at this amazing site.

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Mount Kilimanjaro

Do you love climbing and don't want to stop there? Don't be satisfied with the Cameroon mountain and go and see Mount Kilimanjaro in the North-East of Tanzania! You may not have seen them, but this mountain, also called Olt Doinyo Oibor, is the second highest after Mount Everest. You can visit volcanic cones such as Shira, Kibo (5,895 meters), and Mawensi, as well as see breathtaking wildlife. Mount Kilimanjaro is always a favorite with tourists as it embodies the diversity and sumptuousness of the African continent in all its splendor. To be visited in a group or with friends.

Now that you know the most beautiful places to see in Africa, all you have to do is pack your bags and embark on your first trip as a millionaire!

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