Discover All Our Lotto Online Games in Cameroon

5/90 NAP 2 ball

5/90 NAP 2

FCFA 30,000

5/90 NAP 2 ball Next draw in: 1 hour 3 minutes
5/90 Chance 5 ball

5/90 Chance 5

FCFA 10,000,000

5/90 Chance 5 ball Next draw in: 1 hour 3 minutes
Mega Jackpot ball

Mega Jackpot

FCFA 150,000,000

Mega Jackpot ball Next draw in: 6 hours 48 minutes
Keno ball


FCFA 300,000,000

Keno ball Next draw in: 3 minutes 39 seconds
Pick 2 ball

Pick 2

FCFA 18,000

Pick 2 ball Next draw in: 3 minutes 39 seconds
Pick 3 ball

Pick 3

FCFA 210,000

Pick 3 ball Next draw in: 3 minutes 39 seconds
Pick 4 ball

Pick 4

FCFA 2,100,000

Pick 4 ball Next draw in: 3 minutes 39 seconds
Pick 5 ball

Pick 5

FCFA 18,000,000

Pick 5 ball Next draw in: 3 minutes 39 seconds

Premier Loto Cameroon - The Best Online Lotteries!

At Premier Loto Cameroon, we pride ourselves on being the leader in the industry, offering a wide range of online lotteries accessible to lottery enthusiasts in Cameroon 24 hours a day. With a variety of games to choose from, there's something for everyone. Our offering represents a modern approach to one of the world's most popular pastimes - online lotto.

Play Lotto Online - Conveniently and Safely!

Playing lotto online on our website is not only convenient, but also safe. With our platform accessible 24/7, you can play comfortably, securely, and whenever you feel like it. With the option to play lotto online, there's no need to locate a local Premier Loto Cameroon agent - simply launch our site, select a game from our online lottery list and you're all set. Checking the latest draw results is also a breeze.

Choose an Online Lottery for You

We offer a selection of fantastic games that are simple to understand and enjoyable for the player. To participate in the draws, you need to choose a game, such as Lotto 5/90 Chance 5 online, select your lucky numbers, purchase your online lotto tickets, and then just keep your fingers crossed and wait for the draw results.

A particularly interesting proposal for online lotto fans in Cameroon is Keno. With draws taking place every 4 minutes, there are plenty of chances to win each day. Keno is a hugely popular game worldwide. If you want to step into the world of Keno - play Keno online on our website and win, even every 4 minutes!

Also worth trying is the massive Mega Jackpot lottery, which enjoys immense popularity across Africa. All you need to do is buy Mega Jackpot Online tickets to give yourself a chance at impressive prizes.

Also available on our website is the very popular game in Cameroon, 5/90 NAP 2, where the player chooses only 2 numbers. Want to try your luck and see if fortune favours you? Play 5/90 NAP 2 online now.

Win the Best Prizes with Lotto Cameroon Online!

Our lotteries not only offer a chance for great fun but also for very attractive prizes, making it worth your while to play lotto Cameroon online. On our website, you can win up to FCFA 300,000,000 playing Keno online or FCFA 150,000,000 with the Mega Jackpot lottery. Sounds good, right?

Lotto Cameroon Online - Tips for Players

Some advice for our players includes:

Playing lotto online with Premier Loto Cameroon is not only a thrilling journey but also a potential path to becoming a millionaire. You never know when your lucky numbers will hit the jackpot and transform your life forever. So, why not give it a shot? You might be just a click away from becoming the next big winner. Remember, you have to be in it to win it. Start your online lotto journey with us today, and who knows? You might just be the next big millionaire in Cameroon. Good luck!